Comunication 4.0, communication in all directions

Provides valuable and relevant information to your event’s audience.

  • Suitevent icon festival organitzador public From organizer to public: Program activities, push messages, locations, information about the area.
  • Suitevent icon festival public public From public to public: Sharing functions to connect to social networks.
  • Suitevent icon festival public organitzador From public to organizer: feedback messages, requests and questions.
  • Festival app event solution suitevent 02

Benefits and advantages

  • Suitevent icon festival push Push messages: Direct contact with your audience. Inform about last minute changes, helpful info and promotional messages.
  • Suitevent icon festival public organitzador Feedback: Open pathways of communication: from the artist to the public or the public to the organizer.
  • Suitevent icon festival multiidioma Multilanguage: The application is available in three languages.
  • Suitevent icon festival sharing Share and Go Viral: Allow event attendees to share and make your event go viral.
  • Suitevent icon festival tecnologia Technology for everyone: Compatible for iOs and Android, tablets and phones.
  • Suitevent icon festival engagement User loyalty: Engage your attendees and create event ambassadors.
  • Suitevent icon festival prestigi Prestige: Direct relationship to modernity and new technologies.
  • Suitevent icon festival personalitzacio Custom App: Launch your event into the future with modern technology.
  • festival app, events apps, communications iphone, ipad, smartphone.

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