Comunication 4.0, communication in all directions

Provides valuable and relevant information to your event’s audience.

  • Suitevent icon festival organitzador public 4902289bd23d58b63c440a8b51e308b09b0973dc35a6a3c1c96f639c6f29e39d From organizer to public: Program activities, push messages, locations, information about the area.
  • Suitevent icon festival public public a63d62d40480b59769c1698ed1949db80deb9269f50f570bded06207568ce1a8 From public to public: Sharing functions to connect to social networks.
  • Suitevent icon festival public organitzador 0f12ba79b1ab29b76d07a0a4a7d000eee0677eeba56d06379e9ea6787062108c From public to organizer: feedback messages, requests and questions.
  • Festival app event solution suitevent 02 09dfea56e437d69898bbc923a0cb02a59d9c39db6a4a797237d92d8e518d5759

Benefits and advantages

  • Suitevent icon festival push b2e646ce66aad0caff41072419c6ace12c03e1fa62f0f6388d3d2f15d4d431b8 Push messages: Direct contact with your audience. Inform about last minute changes, helpful info and promotional messages.
  • Suitevent icon festival public organitzador 0f12ba79b1ab29b76d07a0a4a7d000eee0677eeba56d06379e9ea6787062108c Feedback: Open pathways of communication: from the artist to the public or the public to the organizer.
  • Suitevent icon festival multiidioma f3cd37a6e0a96e4d1b48944b74381b64c1c5df36e2ffe869c861d78db7b2e93c Multilanguage: The application is available in three languages.
  • Suitevent icon festival sharing a4dc4d755c02e117cc80e255d7e2a2f6f238aa3ff2895bc355361a67d3154591 Share and Go Viral: Allow event attendees to share and make your event go viral.
  • Suitevent icon festival tecnologia ed768c5058bd488c18d798a76cdf853e6f006d71c36bf6181a28ab115be75a1d Technology for everyone: Compatible for iOs and Android, tablets and phones.
  • Suitevent icon festival engagement 2cd788e4ab3ef88a6f87491b464349d0b0eea104482938aea6b59e0018066ffd User loyalty: Engage your attendees and create event ambassadors.
  • Suitevent icon festival prestigi d0716e7a9ef4c0582b7191ffd095c6cf873d92e26f396d11913a057a428f997c Prestige: Direct relationship to modernity and new technologies.
  • Suitevent icon festival personalitzacio e7fcb375340041d1be9e5e8e9415e912dc349c6e8a1ce04602a071018fe9a891 Custom App: Launch your event into the future with modern technology.
  • festival app, events apps, communications iphone, ipad, smartphone.

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