Comunication 4.0, communication in all directions

Provides valuable and relevant information to your event’s audience.

  • Suitevent icon congress organitzador public e22a5338b72e0e71b0565d30f27846807349a3b2ed0a833bc68802efff2ddc17 From organizer to public: Program activities, push messages, locations, information about the area.
  • Suitevent icon congress public public d5defc40254a551db67334ac0bef2e7f62777c53f9570e39864d4e55f84f8c2a From public to public: Sharing functions to connect to social networks.
  • Suitevent icon congress feedback 711c1172d8e25d7fad37e028d3fe79de4653205a43f5dae5d50040f5feef62b8 From public to organizer: feedback messages, requests and questions.
  • Congress app fair app business app suitevent 02 fbb9d29e901ddf5dd97b95b8b79d047d9acc31a7e3ba028d18f892a05ad6422d

Benefits and advantages

  • Suitevent icon congress push aaeb76f4858f09cae7c4d3c74c005e3b671a6da270ffd5f0a34fbc4a26099f8f Push messages: Direct contact with your audience. Inform about last minute changes, helpful info and promotional messages.
  • Suitevent icon congress feedback 711c1172d8e25d7fad37e028d3fe79de4653205a43f5dae5d50040f5feef62b8 Feedback: Messages from public to speakers or from public to organizer.
  • Suitevent icon congress multiidioma 817490f0f9a0feefa5255a11e3737984ec88be50bf683c87c573aa3e2735bc82 Multilanguage: The application is available in three languages.
  • Suitevent icon congress sharing e3edd122e2e41efaf252d47fbfe694d2cd972fbb005e704e82d704972acc58d5 Share and Go Viral: Allow event attendees to share and make your event go viral.
  • Suitevent icon congress tecnologia c63b2133970d372de2fc397388d72abc2c75e60259c396d4d690060ad25e3552 Technology for everyone: Compatible for iOs and Android, tablets and phones.
  • Suitevent icon congress engagement 839eb922cde253c62e4d53aa7f617e59b2390cbe703e1b8bf83a8b2199cd472e User loyalty: Engage your attendees and create event ambassadors.
  • Suitevent icon congress prestigi 3893137ff9c27c9c239310760ad686921f601a6a05a421e0d6887003ec7b3b56 Prestige: Keep up with the latest technologies.
  • Suitevent icon congress personalitzacio 05a827151de6fb99cb2c329bc36a875f75b6dc21a012dc94245398334745a7d2 Custom App Your app with your corporate image.
  • congress app, business event iphone, ipad, corporate communication

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